A new (stand-up comedy) season is upon us!

Bad weather and your favourite TV shows have returned, but  you know what else is back? Comedy shows in Athens! Notice the little widget on the top right of this page? –that’s where I’ll be posting the dates of my next performances (it actually reads “Upcoming Shows” but don’t let that fool you). I’ll be updating it weekly.

Alternatively, you could check the Comedy Club’s blog, where you can see the entire lineup for the evening.

So, if you’ve missed my old material, if you wanna hear my new stuff, or if you just want to have a fantastic evening full of laughs, just come on by!

excitement all around!

excitement all around!

2 Responses to “A new (stand-up comedy) season is upon us!”

  1. BunnyDee Says:

    New stuff eh? Will be there as soon as I can, along with the Highlander.

  2. Sukeile Says:

    I would love to go and see a show 🙂
    The only promblem is that I’d have to go to Greece, and once there I would probably not be able to understand any of the jokes. Eeep!