Poems from the past – 6 – A turkey’s idea

We now return to much more surreal subject matter, with this second seasonal poem.
By the way, there’s only one more poem from the past left! Tune in tomorrow for the gripping finale!

A turkey's idea

A turkey’s idea

Once their was a turkey that was fat
And that was always followed by a bat
He was thinking
And his head was icthing
He didn’t like the date
It was Christmas
And he didn’t want to end on a plate
Then he got an idea
And ran to the Mafia
So later he was a member
In the middle of decembre
He found a gun
That was big like the sun
Then he marched towards the home of the people
Who thought that killing him was so simple
Soon they were dead
And the turkey said
-That’s for killing turkeys for no reason
at this season!

I wonder what happened to the bat.


One Response to “Poems from the past – 6 – A turkey’s idea”

  1. BunnyDee Says:

    I’m tempted to film this story. Bat and all (you’ll just not *notice* he’s there, really, but he always will be, discreetly.

    But I think it’d work better as a cartoon. No, really.