Poems from the past – i – Cinnamon

Frankly, I didn’t expect anyone to guess this. In fact, I had almost forgotten about it, myself.

Few people know this (well, not anymore), but I used to be a huge cinnamon junkie. I’d go through a whole pack (of gum) a day because I kept swallowing them as soon as they lost their cinnamon flavor. This poem is proof that I was getting worried about my addiction, even at 12.

When I first found my notebook I decided to try some sprinkled apples, mostly for old times’ sake.
That might have been a mistake.

I’m afraid I’m slipping back into my old habits. It’s like riding a bike. Off a cliff.



Cinnamon, you are so sweet
Your all I ever want to eat
I sprinkle you on apples
I drink you with my tea
If there was a taste for happiness
You it whould have to be.
But to be really honest
You have to understand
If I didn’t eat other things too
You’d end up tasting bland


3 Responses to “Poems from the past – i – Cinnamon”

  1. nontas Says:

    Tha evaza stoixima pws to 3o tha htan Comics.
    Mas thn eferes omws…

    Mou fainetai pantws to exeis paei se allo epipedo pia. Apo gay to exeis gyrisei se …weird :S


  2. BunnyDee Says:

    Se noiwthw, file. Cinnamon junkie here, too. Alithia.

  3. jasmine Says:

    the poem was so sweet i loved it and awsome