One of my best sets, so far.

These two are my favourites:

I’m not sure what part of my act this is from:

Why, yes, I do come up with all my jokes on my own.

Man, I look like I’m having fun.

… photos by Lucia Rikaki (25/10/08).

2 Responses to “One of my best sets, so far.”

  1. Romeo Says:

    hhahhahaha! Καλα ε! και γαμω τις φωτογραφιες! Δημητρη τωρα που θα κατεβω να ερθω να σε φωτογραφισω και εγω? 😛

  2. Dimitrios Doukoglou Says:

    Ευχαρίστως! … χαλάω χατήρι;